Reflection C

A floor of a room is covered with human hair. A terrarium with fly larvae is fixed onto the wall. A large paper bag with ashes is on the corner of the room. The performer stays on a round mirror that lays on the floor. She slowly pours honey over her naked body and rubs it onto her skin. She then walks next to the wall, pressing her body against it. An imprint of her body remains on the wall. She reaches into the paper bag and throws ashes against the imprint, after which she pours ashes over her body. She then places few pieces of coal into her mouth and chews them. There is a silver jar filled with dead flies and a glass of honey on the ground. The performer takes the jar, walks through the audience and glues the  dead flies onto their foreheads. Then she sews a red ribbon at each of her hips. She walks slowly back to the wall and stand still. Black liquid runs out of her mouth. Two people from the audience cut through the red ribbons. The performer leaves the room.

Photos by Ralf Kalwa