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A woman dressed in black kneels on the floor. In front of her lays a black tablecloth. On it there are a glass jar filled with rose hips, a silver plate, a vase filled with water and algae, a cake and in the middle of the installation stand three glasses on a round mirror.
The performer first tips the rose hips slowly onto the silver plate. She touches the fruits with her face and breathes deeply. She then mashes the rose hips with her hand. The mash she fills into the hollows under her clavicles. Afterwards the woman smells the liquid in the glass vase. She puts her hand inside of it and moves it slowly up and down-a sound is audible. She takes a small portion of algae, forms a little ball and put it into her left ear. She then collects the almond sticks, which decorating the cake, lays herself down and presses them into her right eye. Subsequently she plays the violin bow on three glasses. The space fills with the shrill tones. The woman draws with liquid one big circle and lights it…

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