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The performer dressed in black clothes, stands in front of a golden background. She holds a stuck of mirrors (20 x 20) in her hand. In front of her are hanging three wine glasses from the ceiling. A difficult-to-define sound fills the space.
She puts the mirrors on the floor in front of her and makes the wine glasses swing. Afterwards she lays on the floor and starts to move slowly. After doing one circle in the space, she stands up and spread her arms to the right and left side. She then let roll golden eggs between the mirrors on the floor. Afterwards she beats some eggs and places them carefully on the mirrors. The sound in the background stops. Following the performer lays on the floor. She smokes a cigarillo and blows the smoke on the Golden eggs. She then takes one of the glasses hanging from the ceiling and makes a sound by circling her finger on the edge of the glass. In the end she draws circles on the empty mirrors and lights them. They burn in blue flames.

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