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In-salt-a(x)tion- Black and White-

Black and White   is a performance created as part of the In-salt-a(x)tion event at Asiatopia House in Nan Province, Thailand.  Salt extraction has always been of great importance in the Nan region. Salt is still mined in the traditional way. Salt as a material was the theme of the festival, where the performers performed their solo works in parallel and then came together in a group performance. Black and White is a minimalist performance that explores the nature of the materials collected in the environment. Salt serves as the starting point for the selected materials. Charcoal pigments, moths, water, etc. are related to each other as well as to the body in minimalist actions. The materials are brought together during the performance to form the installation.                          Photos by Wichaya MuRf Pattanaiem  and B.Linne 

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