Reflection B

A black rubber ball is placed into the mouth of the performer. She slowly passes the audience and places herself in front of a picture window. Arms outstretched, she is holding a birds nest in both of her hands. She then puts the ball into her mouth. The performer walks to the mirror lying on the floor, rubs her face with honey and covers it completely with dead flies. She walks into the audience and ask individuals to come along. She asks them: "What do you want, a kiss or a fly?" Depending on the response, she glues a dead fly onto their foreheads or kisses them, placing the participants in front of the window or in front of the mirror. The performer then kneels in front of the mirror and asks the others to to do the same. Together they look at their reflections from the mirror. After some time the performer smashes the mirror with her forehead and continues to look some time in the broken mirror. Then she walks away.

Photos by Joanna Tam